Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Rose and I have decided to put much of our relationship on line. Why would anyone want to do that, you might ask. A couple of reasons:

!. To do something new and fun and together. We lead busy lives and in wildly diverse careers that leave precious little time together. Our thought is that by sharing the details of our relationship, the intimate minutia, our fights, our lovemaking, our deepest secrets with the web, maybe we can grow a little closer in the process.

2. Accountability. Often we say things in the heat of an argument that we regret, or the manner in which we say it is so filled with anger and malicious intent, that we regret it. Though we don't know who will ever read this, the thought that there might be someone out there judging us based on how we fight here might, just might, temper the words and subdue the vitriol. The desired effect would be to keep the gloves on during a disagreement and quicker resolution to arguments.

3. We really just lean a little toward the exhibitionist side. This will be all anonymous, because of our professional careers and need to maintain some privacy, but we do have a bit of kink to us.

So what to expect here? Honestly, we don't know for sure. Expect honesty. Expect conflict. Expect intimacy. There will be fun and fights, sex and silliness, love and lust, tenderness and tension. Basically, it's a marriage. Enjoy. I know we will.

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